Batter Up! Baseball and Evangelism

On February 21st, baseball starts its spring training games this year. As fans prepare for another season of America’s Pastime, we remember a rough-and-tumble baseball outfielder from 140 years ago – Billy Sunday.  Billy Sunday made a transition from a popular player in baseball's National League during the 1880s to becoming an ordained Presbyterian minister.… Continue reading Batter Up! Baseball and Evangelism

On this Day: Rev. Henry Highland Garnet

On this day 155 years ago (February 12, 1865), Rev. Henry Highland Garnet delivered a sermon in the U.S. House of Representatives. This marked the first time a Black speaker had preached in the U.S. Capitol. Garnet was an abolitionist and a Presbyterian minister. Born a slave in Kent County, Maryland in 1815, Garnet escaped… Continue reading On this Day: Rev. Henry Highland Garnet

Teddy Roosevelt’s Gift of Glass

Theodore Roosevelt made several visits to the Atlanta area during and after his presidency. During these visits, he reconnected with his family history, seeing places he had only heard about from his mother. On one occasion, he made a tribute to the legacy of his mother and grandparents. In 1914, he presented the Roswell Presbyterian… Continue reading Teddy Roosevelt’s Gift of Glass

Hello from the Presbyterian Heritage Center!

Welcome to our new blog feature! Here, we'll post updates on our events and exhibits, share interesting finds, and offer a variety of perspectives on our collections. To start, here's an image of the museum space in Spence Hall as it looked in 1954. Back then, it was known as the Historical Foundation of the… Continue reading Hello from the Presbyterian Heritage Center!